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Trial Frames / Trial Lenses / Accessories
Designs For Vision
offers an extensive range of trial lenses and frames from Europe and Japan, including the original Oculus Universal trial frame and the Skeochs Drop Cell trial frame. In addition, we have products from Inami and Simple.

Oculus Universal (A)

  • Strong metal construction
  • Full range of fit adjustments
  • Knurled controls fror precision adjustment
  • Graduated rotating cell design

Some of the range:

  • Oculus Universal (A)
  • Oculus Adult Half-eye (C)
  • Oculus Adult Half-eye with adjustable nose rest(C)
  • Oculus Children's Half-eye (D)
  • Oculus Children's Half-eye with adjustable nose rest (D)
  • Windsor A trial frame (E)

Oculus Universal (B)

  • Lightweight, comfortable and robust
  • Rubber controls are easy to use
  • Graduated rotating cell design

Click here for more details of Oculus Trial Frames.



New Simple Trial Frame

  • Comfortable fit
  • Simple easy operation
  • Lightweight
  • Economically priced




Designed to maximise patient comfort by minimising frame weight yet retaining high durability, Inami Leightweight Trial frames are available in universal or fixed interocular distance (PD Models).

The leightweight type allows for quick and essy adjustment of both PD and corneal alignment, while providing a sure mounting for trial lenses.

High comfort and sturdiness are also features of the Fixed PD Lightweight models with specific interpupilliary distance.

Distances of 52mm, 54mm, 56mm, 58mm, 60mm, 62mm, 64mm, 66mm, 68mm and 70mm are available.



Other Trial Frames, sets and accessories
  INAMI-240 Universal Style Trial Frame

  Skeough Trial Frames, Sets and Accessories
ST2207-P-1026 Halberg Clips
Full Aperture Trial Sets
    WEI Trial Lens Sets
INAMI-222 K-240 +/- 2.oo Sphere +/- 2.00 Cyl
INAMI-220 K-350 +/- 20.00 Sphere +/- 3.00 Cyl
INAMI-224 K-350-A +/- 20.00 Sphere +/- 6.00 Cyl
INAMI-225 WOD-350M +/-20.00 Sphere - 6.00 Cyl only
Reduced Aperture Trial Sets
  MSD-050 61-A +/- 12.00 Sphere +/- 3.00 Cyl
MSD-052 61-B +/- Sphere +/- 6.00 Cyl
GE2065 Raynor Style +/- 20.00 Sphere +/- Cyl



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