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RODENSTOCK NCT 2000 Non-Contact Tonometer
  • Touch-screen alignment system
  • Cornea thickness related IOP correction
  • Auto-alignment and auto-measurement
  • Patient-friendly soft and silent air pulse
  • High-speed measurement


iCare hand-held Tonometers

iCare ONE

The ONE and only tonometer for easy self measuring and medication control for Glaucoma Patients

Designed and recommended for home use by Glaucoma Patients who need regular IOP monitoring by their ophthalmologists recommendation.

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iCare TA01i

The iCare tonometer is intended for use by general practitioners, optometrists, occupational health care and other medical personnel.

For ophthalmologists, the device is useful when measuring intraocular pressure in non-compliant patients. iCare® can also be used for the home monitoring of IOP.

The Icare® tonometer is based on a new measuring principle, in which a very light probe is used to make momentary contact with the cornea. The measurement is barely noticed by the patient and often does not even cause corneal reflex. For ophthalmologists this is good news, because the device not only makes IOP measuring a more pleasant experience on all patients, it is also an important break-through for succeeding with non-compliant patients (ie children and dementia patients).

The easy usage and dynamic patient flow obtained by the Icare® tonometer make it a very important instrument for general practitioners, optometrists, occupational health care and other medical personnel.

Requiring no drops, neither specialized skills for its use the quick and painless Icare® tonometry has an important role in glaucoma screening programs of masses.

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Inami Tonometers
Inami L-5110 Applanation Tonometer R-type
This tonometer is designed to be mounted on the microscope permanently.
It can be used with various Inami / Haag - Streit / Zeiss type Slit lamps
Measures from 0-80mm Hg in 2mm increments +0.5mm Hg
Diameter of pneumatic face is 3.06 mm
Inami L-5130 Applanation Tonometer T-type
Same as the L-5110, and can be used with various INAMI slit lamps. The L-5130 can be placed on the guide plate in one of two possible positions for connection to the microscope. Observation can be made through either the right or left eyepiece.
CSO Tonometers
CSO Z800 Applanation Tonometer Zeiss-type
CSO F900 Applanation Tonometer T-type
CSO A900 Applanation Tonometer R-type
KEELER Tonometers
Keeler Hand-held non-contact tonometer - Pulsair intelliPuff

The most comfortable and intelligent non contact Tonometer ever. Totally redesigned for the ultimate in patient comfort and reliable, repeatable, clinically accurate, objective non contact tonometry.

Keeler's primary goal in its redesign was to completely surpass it with an entirely new model that will provide even greater accuracy, patient comfort and speed of use.

In addition the development team singled out its weight and size as being in need of a slimming programme. Users are looking for as small a ‘footprint’ as possible and our distributors for even lower shipping charges.

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Keeler Applanation Tonometer (KAT)

The Keeler Applanation Tonometer (KAT) is a perfect example of Keeler's skills; we have applied 21st Century design techniques to a 20th Century device to deliver a premium quality instrument.

The Goldmann applanation principle is widely acclaimed as the most common and direct method of assessing IOP.

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KOWA Tomometers

Compact and light-weight, well balanced and easy to handle by single hand.

  • Unique one-spring mechanism assures correct reading regardless of patient posture.
  • Built-in illumination permits you to use the instrument regardless of the illuminating condition of consultation room.


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