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Consulting Room Accessories
Designs For Vision has an extensive range of essential accessories to support the needs of your patients.

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Sight Testing Essentials

RODENSTOCK Digital Pupilometer

The compact Rodenstock PD Max digital pupilometer has the unique advantage of having two separate LCD displays. In addition to the large external LCD display the PD Max also has an integrated illuminated LCD. Within the unit, in line with the viewing field, the user can simultaneously see the results during the measurement.

The precise “cornea light reflection” measurement system provides fast and reliable results with a convenient adjustable focal distance from 30 cm to infinity.
The design of the PD MAX offers the user an intuitive and easy to use tool.

Reading Tests
  Four Page Washable

  Vocational Reading Test Type
  Hanks Near Point Card - Adult
  Hanks Near Point Card - Kids
  LogMAR Crowded Test
  Sheridan Gardiner
  Sonksen Silver Acuity System
  Peter Rabbit Test Type
  Thomas The Tank

Distance Tests

Sight Testing & Diagnostic Devices

6 metre L.E.D. illuminated triple VA chart with Recognition Card
lncludes 2 -Letter Charts (Universal), Recognition Card and Carry Bag.
Designed for NSW under 4-year old Vision Screening Program.

3 metre L.E.D. llluminated Vision Chart.
Letters (with recognition card) plus illiterate Charts.
Portable - battery or transformer powered.

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  Four Sided Rotating Test (Manual)
  Plastic Panel 4/60 INDIRECT
  Plastic Panel 6/60 REVERSIBLE
Plastic Panel 5/60 REVERSIBLE
  Plastic Panel 4/60 INDIRECT
  6 metre Card Letter Panel DIRECT or REVERSIBLE
  3 metre Card Letter Panel
  Sheridan Gardiner Test Complete

Colour Vision Tests
  Ishihara Colour Test-24 Plate
  City University Colour Test (Version 3)

Binocular Vision Tests
  Titmus Stereo Fly
  Randot Stereo Test
  Lang Stereo Test #1-3 Pictures
  Lang Stereo Test #2-4 Pictures
  Maddox Wing Test
  Spare Polaroid Glasses
  Amsler Chart Manual Complete
  Amsler Pads


Eye care professionals, up to now, have had little choice other than to examine a patient’s eyes using their thumb and fingers. This process is unhygienic, inelegant, and can be ineffective and frustrating for both the doctor and patient. Nonetheless, virtually all professionals use this method repeatedly throughout their work, from the minimal office visit to the comprehensive examination.

The Eyegenie® offers a new alternative.
It uses a set of delicate wands to accurately and comfortably displace one or both lids back toward the orbit. It provides clear, quick and unencumbered access to the eye. It is hygienic, easy to use, and safe because it contacts only the external skin of the eyelid. 

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Confirmation Tests
  +/- 0.25 Cross Cyl
  +/- 0.50 Cross Cyl
  +/- 0.75 Cross Cyl
  +/- 1.00 Cross Cyl
  +/- 0.25 and 0.50 Cross Cyls in Case
  "Flipper" Confirmation Frame
  +/- 0.25 Double Confirmation Test with adjustable P.D.
  +/- 0.50 Double Confirmation Test with adjustable P.D.
  Berens Prism Bars in Case
  Retinoscopy Rack in Case
  Black Occluder Long Handle
  Red Maddox Occluder Long Handle
  Red Maddox and Occluder
  Lorngnette Pinhole Occluder

Keeler and Jackson Cross Cylinders and Confirmation Tests
  Keeler Cross Cylinder 0.25D

  Keeler Cross Cylinder 0.25D
  Pair of Keeler Cross Cylinders in a case
  Jackson Cross Cylinder +/-0.12D
  Jackson Cross Cylinder +/-0.25D
  Jackson Cross Cylinder +/-0.50D
  Jackson Cross Cylinder +/-0.75D
  Jackson Cross Cylinder +/-1.00D

Monocular Confirmation Tests
  Keeler Confirmation 0.25D
  Keeler Confirmation 0.50D

GellansertT Temporary Intracanalicular Inserts
  0.3mm - Box of 100
Dissolvable intracanalicular Gellan Inserts can be used as a cost effective way to evaluate the benefits of permanent punctal occlusion. Gellan may be inserted to aid in diagnosis of contact lens intolerance, enhance ocular medications, and increase patient comfort after surgery. Expands to fit up to 1.2mm diameter. Easily removed with saline irrigation.

Lid Scrub
  Ocusoft Lid Scrub Kit
(Contains 50ml Ocusoft SOlution & 100 cleaning pads.)
  Ocusoft Pre-moistened Pads
(Contains 30 Pre-moistened Pads.)

Loose Prisms
  11304     Loose Prism Set  (4)
  11308     Loose Prism Set  (8)
  11316     Loose Prism Set  (16)
  11332     Loose Prism Set  (32)

3M Fresnel Press-on Prisms
  Available in all sizes from 1r up to 40r Diopters
3M Press-on Prisms, also known as Fresnel Prisms, provide a system for creating prismatic corrections inexpnesively and quickly. Press-on prism material is flexable static vinyl which can easily be cut to shape with scissors to determine the acceptance of a proposed corrective prescription. Adheres well to existing lenses, yet it can be repositioned and easily.

Bangerter Foils
  For controlled Occlusion Therapy
From 20/20 to 20/300

Opticlude 3M Nexcare Opticlude Orthoptic Eye Patch
Regular Opticlude Adult - Stick-on eyepatch
(82mm x 57mm), 20 patches/box
Junior Opticlude Child - Stick-on eyepatch
(63mm x 45mm), 20 patches/box

D-7870 Jewellers Forcep Curved
D-7861 Jewellers Forcep Staight
GE1950  Jewellers Forcep Inox
E-10300 Desmares Lid Retractor Size 0
E-10301 Desmares Lid Retractor Size 1
E-10302 Desmares Lid Retractor Size 2
E-10303 Desmares Lid Retractor Size 3
G-12710 Infant Dilator
G-12730 Fine Rudemann Dilator
G-12731 Medium Rudemann Dilator
G-12732 Heavy Rudemann Dilator
G-12740 Double Ended Dilator
D-7685 Cilia Forceps Ziegler
D-7690 Cilia Forceps Barraquer
2628-00 Cilia Forceps Beer
C-5861 Ellis Foreign Body Spud
C-5862 Francis Foreign Body Spud
2025-00 Foreign Body Loop & Magnetic Probe
ALGER-002 Algerbrush Rust Ring Remover unsterilised
ALGER-010 Algerbrush Burr 0.5mm unsterilised
ALGER-008 Algerbrush Burr 1mm unsterilised
F-11030/S Lacrimal Cannula
DFV-318S  Disposable Lachrymal Cannula 25g (Box 10)
GE0450 25g Disposable Needle Bx 100
GE0452 2.5cc Syringe 3.0ml Bx 100
PST-050  Pst Sterilising Tray 70mm X 160mm
PST-054  PST Sterilising Tray 105mm X 170mm
PST-058  PST Sterilising Tray 105mm X 195mm
PST-062  PST Sterilising Tray 155mm X 260mm
PST-156  20 Instrument Double Layer Tray
GE1165  Mediwipes Disinfection Towellettes
SU042  Plastic Eyeshields Bx 50







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